Hubs compatible with LEGO® Powered UP App

Hub is an essential component that allows your smart device with a LEGO® Powered Up App to control motors and read sensor outputs. In this post, we will specify which hubs are compatible with the LEGO® Powered UP App.

The easiest way to get your hands on Hubs compatible with LEGO® Powered UP is to pick up a new or used set, that contains LEGO® Powered UP components.

Another way is to know exactly what Hubs there are, and their pros and cons. This way, you might save some money and time, by getting exactly what you need for your current or future builds.

Ports: defines how many motors or sensors can be connected to a hub.

Rotations sensor: hub’s ability to report changes to its position in space.

WeDo 2.0 Hub

LEGO® parts code: 45301

Ports: 2

Rotation sensor: no


LEGO® parts code: 88009

Ports: 2

Rotation sensor: no

Technic™ Hub

LEGO® parts code: 88012

Ports: 4

Rotation sensor: yes

Move Hub

LEGO® parts code: 88006

Ports: 2

Rotation sensor: yes

Remote Control

LEGO® parts code: 88010

Ports: 0

Rotation sensor: no

Please note: Remote Control is not a hub, but it can be connected to LEGO® Powered UP App, this way providing additional functionality.






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